On behalf of its members, NEPPA monitors and responds to legislative and regulatory initiatives that could impact the public power industry and the specific operations of those in New England. To perform this service on behalf of NEPPA’s members at the highest level, we retain the services of professionals in Washington, D.C. to monitor activities, coordinate with APPA, NRECA & TAPS, receive information from NAESB, and coordinate with various joint action agencies.

For the 2020 – 2021 legislative cycle NEPPA has adopted four resolutions.

For a current NEPPA resolution process click here.

In addition, we are closely monitoring the many climate initiatives that are currently being debated on Capitol Hill.

NEPPA is primarily involved in national and regional monitoring and education. However, at the request of members, NEPPA may assist or testify on behalf of members at the state or local level. To view APPA’s legislative efforts, please go here.

The activities of NEPPA’s legislative and regulatory efforts are directed or overseen by the Advocacy & Reporting Committee. The committee is comprised of public utility and joint action agency members from all six New England states. Regular reports on the committee’s activities and public power issues can be found under Legislative Updates.

Clean Energy and Climate Legislations in the 116th Congress – Legislative Comparison

In the News!

Kuster, Welch Introduce Bill to Provide $10 Billion Utility Debt Relief

Posted: January 29, 2021

Thank you Representatives Kuster and Welch! We are thankful to have been able to provide context and input into this important bill which seeks targeted support for utility debt relief through additional LIHEAP funding. Read all about it here…

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