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To meet the growing safety and security needs of our membership, NEPPA has established a partnership with Blue-U Defense to provide workplace violence, safety, and security training to its members at a discount.

Be sure to mention you’re a NEPPA member to get the discounted rate!

Since its founding in 2014, Blue-U Defense has become the nationally recognized leader in “reality-based” organizational safety and security- security that actually works on paper AND in reality.

Their programs are built to provide effective, ongoing, and systematic training that contains all of the elements necessary to achieve true organizational and personal safety.


Some of their services include:

(NEW!) Mission: Protected – Stage One

Stage One will conclude the most significant improvement in your organizational safety and security in your company’s history and includes:


Establish safety and security goals and a mission statement


Policy and Procedures Review


Establish a baseline position and plan to achieve true security


Live, slow walkthrough drill


A thorough, practical physical site assessment


A 2-hour live employee training session

The daily safety and security challenges that financial institutions and other organizations face can create risk of non-compliance, danger, and liability. Blue-U Defense presents an innovative, systematic solution to risk management. Blue-U’s team of experts works closely with your team to ensure that you meet or exceed regulatory compliance and create a true culture of organizational safety and security.

Live training program include:

• Surviving the Life-or-Death Gap – The Foundation of True Safety and Security and the Beginning of Creating Culture
• Surviving The Life-Or-Death Gap – Advanced Concepts And Tactics
• Rethinking True Organizational Safety And Security And The Consequences Of Not Doing Enough
• The Gatekeeper – The Most Important, And Vulnerable, Person In Your Organization
• Drugs In The Workplace And Family – Protecting Your Employees, Their Families, And Your Organization
• Employee/Client Threats – Assessing And Managing Them Effectively
• The Bank Robbery Experience
• Today’s Successful Security Professional – The Non-Traditional Skills That Far Exceed The Importance Of The Traditional
• Physical Site Security From A Reality Perspective
• Policy/Procedure And Emergency Preparedness

Questions? Please contact or reach out to Blue-U Defense directly at

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