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Workplace Safety Solutions, Inc.
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To help NEPPA’s members reduce accidents through safety awareness, we have established a partnership with Workplace Safety Solutions, Inc. to provide Safety Audits and Field Crew Observations.

This partnership has been developed to provide an independent third-party observation of employee practices and facilities to make independent recommendations on how best to meet federal and state requirements.

Safety Audits include:

1. On-Site Inspection of facilities
2. Safe Work Practices & Equipment
3. Survey and/ or observation of employees
For an additional fee:
4. Audit Report
a. This report documents observations including recommendations, if any, to increase workplace safety, employee safety awareness and/or OSHA standards compliance.



NEPPA Members may inquire and schedule a Safety Audit by completing the form below. Safety Audits may be anywhere from one to three-days depending on the size and scope of your request.

NOTE: Half-day Safety Audits may be conducted, but only in partnership with a nearby system to also conduct a half-day Safety Audit. For example, two neighboring systems both agree to conduct half-day audits on the same day, at alternating times.

Most Safety Audits and Observations can be completed in one- to two-days.


Based on our agreement, NEPPA has secured the following fees to conduct Safety Audits for its members:


Service Safety
Audit/ Observation
Audit/ Observation
+Written Report
1-Day Safety
Audit/ Observation
$1,500 (+expense) $3,000 (+expense)
2-Day Safety
Audit/ Observation
$3,000 (+expense) $4,000 (+expense)
3-Day Safety
Audit/ Observation
$4,500 (+expense) $6,000 (+expense)

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