The NEPPA Resolutions Process

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On July 20, 2020, the NEPPA Board of Directors established a formal process by which the organization will develop and adopt official positions for the purposes of legislative and regulatory advocacy.

Process and Timeline

The following steps outline the process in which an issue will progress from an idea proposed by a NEPPA member to a formal Association position. Deadlines will be rolling, but an issue must meet the dates below to be considered at that year’s August Board Meeting. Only official positions will be adapted into talking points and background for advocacy purposes.


Step 1: Proposal and presentation (April 15)

Any individual may propose an issue or topic as a suitable item for NEPPA advocacy by petitioning the A&R Committee to develop a position. Such petition may include, but need not require, a written resolution for consideration. Petition may be made by email to the Executive Director and/or A&R Committee chairman.

When such a petition is received, the A&R Committee shall invite the proposing member or their representative to the subsequent A&R Committee meeting to deliver a short presentation on the matter at hand. A&R Committee members may ask questions or request additional information.

The Executive Director shall notify members of the resolutions process and the April 15 deadline for submitting new resolutions at the beginning of each year (no later than March 15).

Step 2: Discussion (June 15)

Subsequent to a member proposal and presentation, A&R Committee members shall review any materials, conduct any needed research, and schedule time for discussion of each proposed issue during the next A&R Committee meeting.

At that meeting, A&R Committee members shall vote to either a) direct NEPPA staff and consultants to prepare a draft resolution that seeks to capture the sentiment of the petitioner and A&R Committee members, as discussed; b) table the petition pending resolution of outstanding concerns; or c) reject the petition.


Step 3: Refinement and sponsorship (August 1)

Before August 1, the A&R Committee shall meet to propose and vote on amendments to the draft resolution (s) to be considered at the August Board Meeting. A&R Committee members and others may add their systems to the resolution(s) as cosponsors at any time should they choose to do so. Each resolution must be forwarded to the Board with a majority vote by August 1 to be considered at the Annual Meeting.

The Executive Director shall distribute resolutions vetted by the A&R Committee to the membership no later than August 5, at which time additional sponsors may be added and NEPPA members may work with staff and consultants on potential amendments.

Step 4: Board consideration (August Board Meeting)

The A&R Committee chair will introduce the resolutions to be voted on at the August Board Meeting, including any necessary background and areas of disagreement.

Active NEPPA Members may also introduce resolutions from the floor, at which time the A&R Committee Chair will respond with any reason or context as to why the resolution was not included in the list of recommended resolutions.

Board members may also propose amendments on the floor, which the A&R Committee chair will designate as friendly or unfriendly at his/her discretion. Friendly amendments may be adopted by voice vote. Unfriendly amendments require a 2/3 affirmative vote to amend the resolution.

Each resolution must pass, as amended, by a 2/3 vote. Resolutions that fail to achieve 2/3 vote may be referred back to the A&R Committee with directions for further amendment. Such direction shall be in the form of a simple statement, i.e. “The Committee is directed to revise the resolution to reflect member views that the proposed reforms are insufficient.” Resolutions that fail to achieve 2/3 vote will otherwise be considered rejected.

The Executive Director shall notify the membership of all adopted resolutions after the August Board Meeting (no later than 60 days prior to the December meeting).

Step 5: Amendment (September 15)

Should the Board direct the A&R Committee to amend a resolution, the A&R Committee must do so immediately, and no later than Sept. 15, in order to have such resolution guide advocacy at the NEPPA Rally. Approval of an amended resolution may be done via email. Resolutions requiring amendment but not intended for advocacy at the NEPPA Rally may be amended and approved by the end of the calendar year.


Step 6: Prioritization and Adaptation (September 15 for NEPPA Rally; February 15 for APPA Rally)

Only resolutions approved by the Board may be used to guide advocacy efforts at the NEPPA Rally or APPA Rally. The A&R Committee shall have discretion over which approved resolutions are suitable for prioritizing at the NEPPA Rally and APPA Rally, and shall direct staff and consultants to prepare additional documentation such as talking points and background documents to support such advocacy. Resolutions not prioritized for in-person advocacy may still form the basis of lobbying efforts by staff and consultants as needed outside the in-person visits.


Step 7: Sunset/Refresh

A resolution that has remained on the books but unamended for three years is subject to sunset unless “refreshed” by the A&R Committee.

Each year the Executive Director will notify the A&R Committee of resolutions set to sunset at that year’s Annual Meeting. A&R Committee members may propose that one or more of these resolutions be refreshed and presented by June 15.


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